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Andy garcia is a soulful singer-songwriter who you will find playing often throughout the texas hill country.  His smooth acoustic vibe is always a favorite at any venue.  Whether its the hits or the classics, Andy is bound to keep you wanting more.  

"You know people immediately ask me, WHAT KINDA MUSIC DO YOU PLAY?  And I always just say, well I have just loved all kinds of music throughout my life and I guess I just enjoy playing whatever comes to mind."


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Music Festival

Jaime maquet
member experience
fair oaks country club

There really isn't any kind of genre he hasn't tackled and killed on our stage.You truly feel like your the only one he's playing to and you can feel the power of the songs. Andy will always be one of our favorites!

On Stage

missy &  Andy ivankovich
singing water vineyards

Andy Garcia is a fantastic musician with a wide array of genres and arrangements. Andy is a pleasure to work with, a consummate professional and always draws a crowd.


Johnny clay
hurster songs publishing

Andy has a great ear and an appreciation for so many different styles of music, so it’s no wonder he’s able to create such a warm and creative energy in the studio.

4/22-Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    12-3pm
4/29-Covenants Creek Acoustic
Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    12-3pm
5/5-Covenants Creek Band
Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                              6-830pm
5/6-Covenants Creek band
Salvador Dobbs
-Boerne,tx                      9-midnite
5/7-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  3-6pm
5/19-Covenants Creek Band
Fair Oaks Country club
-Fair oaks ranch,tx                  6-9pm
5/20-Covenants Creek Band
Adoption Fundraiser
-boerne,tx                  3-6pm
5/21-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  3-6pm
5/27-Covenants Creek Acoustic
Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    12-3pm
6/3-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  2-5pm
6/10-herff ranch BBQ
-boerne,tx                  6-9pm
6/23-just chillin
-comfort,tx                    7-10pm
6/24-Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    12-3pm
7/15-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  2-5pm
7/16-Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    2-5pm
8/5-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  2-5pm
8/26-Singing Water Vineyards
-comfort,tx                    12-3pm
9/16-Augusta Vin Winery
-Fredricksburg,tx                  2-5pm

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